Isaac Lyatuu

Isaac is research scientist with expertise in data systems and extensive experience to work with big datasets and databases, particularly involving health and demographic surveillance. He is currently a data systems manager at AAPH and supports different data innovations. He previously worked as unit leader for the national Sentinel Panel of Districts (SPD) at Ifakara Health Institute, which collects both facility and community-based health informatics data for the national health management information system (HMIS). Isaac has experiences to work with vital statistics and civil registrations (CRVS) through the SAVVY project and currently supports national initiatives on the CRVS. Mr. Lyatuu has also worked with the DHIS2 which is a national data warehouse for facility HMIS. Beyond formal employment, Mr. Lyatuu has been actively engaged in varieties of technical innovations including mobile data collection, data extraction, data repositories, data linkages and data presentation


 Expeditho Mtisi

 Expeditho Mtisi is both Biostatistician and Mathematician with a background training from Dar es Salaam University and Harvard School of Public Health. He is a research scientist with extensive experience in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, clinical trials, data management and analysis. He has developed a strong experience working with big data and related monitoring and evaluation activities. Since 2013, Dr. Expeditho has been working with AAPH through Harvard PEPFAR program as a Biostatistician overseeing all statistical related matters in collaboration with Management and Development for Health (MDH).


 Juliana Joachim

Juliana is a Research Scientist, with experience in Implementation Science Research & Evaluation, and strong expertise in qualitative research analysis including research design implementation and field team management. Ms. Julie had worked on different implementation studies including NVIVO11, ATLAS TI and Thematic Coding and has special interests in Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV /AIDS, Nutrition and Community Based Health Programs.


Magdalena Mbando

Magdalene is an administrator and a finance manager with over six years of experience in managing donor funded projects and providing backdoor financial support to concurrent ongoing research projects while ensuring compliance with administrative, human resources and financial rules and procedure.



Dominic Mosha

Dr Dominic is research scientist with extensive training in epidemiology and disease control and the health system. Dr. Mosha has great experience in proposal writing and research implementation particularly clinical interventions. Has experience in both nutrition and agriculture research, currently also serves as Co-PI for a Nutrition-sensitive homestead food production project in Rufiji district.


Kwinoja Kapiteni

Kwinoja is a research fellow with a background in biology & society and global health. She supports AAPH research activities, primarily the Dar es Salaam Urban Cohort Study (DUCS) platform. 

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